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Den. moniliforme 'Kouga'

Bloeibaar: Volwassen plant
Potmaat: 6 cm
Bodem: Sphagnum

Dendrobium moniliforme care:

Dendrobium moniliforme is deciduous plant, which can be grown on windowsills given an east, south or west exposure. Try to avoid direct intense sun light.

It affords temperature from 0C to 38C. Grows well at 40% humidity. 

Can be mounted on traditional Japanese moss kokedama, bark, cork slabs or even stones.

Watering depends of the way of potting and type of plant. There are 2 groups of dendrobium, first is valued for flowers, second - for the beautiful leaves. 
To have quality blooms plants need to have dormant period in winter with temperature about 6C-10C and day/night fluctuation of 6-10C. Plant will drop down leaves. They need to stay dry. Lightly mist plants frequently, water a bit once every two weeks. 

For second group it's better to grow them in warm all year around, so plants will keep leaves and grow well, but blooming will be not so intense. Water plants regularly, but they need to dry between watering.



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