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Premium orchid growing mix
[2 liters]

Special mix of premium quality Orchid Bark, New Zealand sphagnum, Activated carbon, endomycorrhiza and longlasting fertilizer is an ideal solution for potting and re-potting orchids and other epiphytic type plants. This high quality, stable, long lasting, toxin free growing substrate holds water and nutrients on the outside layer of each chip.

- Special sanded chips of bark provide good aeration and surface for roots to anchor to.
- New Zealand sphagnum keeps the medium moist and stimulate new roots growing.
- Activated carbon is terrific for keeping medium healthy, prevents growing bacteria, rot and fungus, also prevents excess salts from building up in the potting mix.
- Endomycorrhiza effectively extending the root system, bring them nutrients and water and protects from root-feeding diseases.
- Third-generation fertilizer gives steady precision nutrition including also potassium, magnesium and trace elements over 12 to 14 months.


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