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Phal. Little Gem Stripes Tri-lips Phal. Mituo Sun King 'S-R-Spots' Phal. (Yaphon Red Jewel-LD's Bear King) 'Yaphon' Den. moniliforme 'Hakuunryu' Cork slab 20x20cm Aerangis fastuosa Paraphalaenopsis labukensis x V. denisoniana Pot transparant 12cm V. Bitz's Heartthrob Phal. Ohl Flame Den. lamyaiae Phal. LD Sun Dragon 'Snake Scales' Phal. Yaphon Red Jewel x LD's Bear King Phal. Auspice Green Lake 'Prince' Phal. Ld's Bear King YK-7 x Ld's Bear Queen Mituo#3 'B" Rlc. Chyong Guu Benz Phal. Yaphon Sensation x Zhen Min Etching Joy Phal. Liu's Beauty Taiwan Phal. Mituo Sun King x Joy Micholuedde Stephanotis floribunda
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